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Zalo OA and FreshChat Integration using HexaSync Platform - User Guide


Zalo OA and FreshChat Integration Solution is a HexaSync Integration that helps connect Zalo Official Account and FreshChat for messages synchronization.

Zalo FreshChat Integration Overview



  • This task enables FreshChat admin to respond to Zalo User’s messages without using Zalo OA.
  • When an admin marks a conversation as Resolve in FreshChat, Zalo User will also see this notice.

FreshChat Zalo Message Sync


  • This task enables FreshChat admin to the read messages sent by Zalo Users mostly real-time
  • Sender’s name from Zalo will be displayed as Name + Zalo such as Minh Khánh Zalo

Zalo FreshChat Message Sync


  • This task enables FreshChat Admin to see the sender’s information from Zalo such as Display Name, Avatar, Created Time
  • User Properties (Last seen and Created) only display the time a Zalo User starts a conversation with Zalo OA at the first time.
  • Due to the Privacy Policy, HexaSync does not get Zalo user information such as Real name, Email, Phone Number, their browser or using device.

Zalo FreshChat User Sync


Data TypeConstraints
Texts (FreshChat > Zalo)- Text will be sent as an .txt file
- Zalo Users will receive a direct link to download the file
Media Files- Every media file will be uploaded to Zalo Cloud
- FreshChat or Zalo Users will receive a link to it
Document Files- Every document file will be uploaded to Zalo Cloud
- FreshChat or Zalo Users will receive a link to it
Stickers- Every document file will be uploaded to Zalo Cloud
- FreshChat or Zalo Users will receive a link to it
Emojis- Emojis (or icons) sent from Zalo will appear as characters on FreshChat
Links- Links or any data sent as links from Zalo to FreshChat will expire after 7 days due to Zalo Policy
- Link content preview will not be displayed on FreshChat
Reaction- When Zalo Users react to a message on Zalo, it will not be shown on FreshChat
Messages sent by OA- FreshChat Admin will not see any messages sent by OA to Zalo Users
- Zalo Users will see duplicate messages if both Zalo OA Admin and FreshChat Admin reply to the same sender with the same message
Zalo User Information- Zalo User Information such as Real name, Phone Number, Email, Browser or Using Device will not be synced due to Zalo Privacy Policy


Error TypeDescriptionActions
Message errorCaused by message exceeds 2000 characters- Files should be sent one by one from FreshChat to ZaloText will be sent as an .txt file
- A file sent should not include other messages to avoid text exceeding 2000 characters
Error code -213 "User has not followed OA"Caused by the requirement of Zalo on users- Zalo Users need to open chat with OA by mobile at least one
- Recommended solution to avoid this error:
+ Set up an automatic response to Zalo Users on OA to redirect them to Mobile Zalo App
+ Encourage Zalo Users to start the first conversation with OA by scanning OA QR code via mobile
Error code -320 “Your app needs to connect with Zalo Business Account to use paid features”Caused by Zalo requirements on paid features (Zalo Announcement) Zalo OA and HexaSync App need to connect with Zalo Business Account to send active messages to Zalo Users
AppendixZalo Error Codes



  • Messages from Zalo is detected by a Customer User Properties Attribute external_user_provider
  • Client’s development team can use the Attribute Value above to create a view of Zalo messages on FreshChat


To set up for connecting Zalo and FreshChat, please provide us via email [email protected] with the following information:

1. FreshChat

- App ID
- API Key

2. Zalo

- Authorization Code

If you need help on how to get those information, please follow our guidance below:


From your FreshChat Dashboard, go to Admin > Account Settings > Integration Settings, then copy the App ID and Token (API Key).

FreshChat App ID and Access Token


Step 1

Click the link HexaSync Zalo Callback URL

Step 2

Choose the OA Account that you want to connect with FreshChat by HexaSync

Note: You must be an OA Admin to grant the access to Zalo OA

Zalo Access Token Step 2

Step 3

Tick the box and Accept

Zalo Access Token Step 3

Step 4

Copy the OA ID and the Authorization Code

Zalo Access Token Step 4

Last, please send enough information to our email [email protected] You are ready to go with us from that!